I Can Breathe!

I kind of felt bad after my post last night about some attitudes I might have noticed when it comes to some people’s choices of work. I really didn’t mean to sound negative in any way to anything in America I promise. I love it here and just wanted to talk about something other than food lol 🙂

The Air Really Is That Bad

I don’t know how many people think or know about the pollution problem in China but let me tell you first hand that it is bad. Really bad. I saw a short news clip pretty recently where some company in Canada started selling bottles of “clean air” in aerosol cans or something like that to people in China and my friend started laughing, thinking it was a huge scam.

This is a real story by the way, look it up if you want to 🙂

My friend thought it was a joke and was just some rich guy trying to take advantage of poor people in China. Well, I’m not saying it isn’t some rich guy trying to take advantage of other people’s problems but the pollution is so bad in some areas that there really are people who buy this stuff and are happy to do so.

I haven’t been back to China since about 4 or 5 years ago and in some areas of Beijing it honestly looks like fog that we see here in America.

See guys, I love America and would never ever talk down about it 🙂

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