Melting Pot

America is often called the “Melting Pot” of the world and I am sure you could have guessed that I love this about the country 🙂

So Much Culture!

You know how much I love American food because I spent a lot of time talking about it, but every once in a while even I like to venture out and try some new things and here in American you can find anything you are in the mood for pretty much anytime you want and it is incredible. There are definitely places that try to consider themselves authentic and it is far from it, but if you know where to look and if you ask around you can find an authentic place for pretty much any kind of food you could ever want!

I talk a lot about food on here but I just can’t help it, America really knows what they are doing when it comes to it 🙂

My parents are pretty picky when it comes to Chinese food and even they have a few restaurants that they say is just as good as back in my home country of China. My mom has her favorite stores that she shops in and she can find even the rarer foods that I wouldn’t have thought you could find here.

I promise I am going to stop talking about the food eventually 🙂

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