More College

Following my last couple on opportunity and school I want to talk more about college because I am currently in my junior year and it is a huge part of my life. I still live at home with my parents 🙁 and thought it would just be the smarter decision to make for my life and future because of how much it costs to actually live on campus.

Am I Alone?

Another reason I decided to write about this is because I stumbled upon this article from the US News website that said only 19% of college freshmen still live at home. I am sure that number is even lower for students in my grade.

I knew that the number would be lower than people who live on campus, but I didn’t think it was going to be that much lower.

Wonder Why?

I think the majority of students who go and live on campus the first year are just there to party and make friends. I am definitely not saying that there is anything wrong with this by the way! Sometimes I wish I would have been able to experience some of the college life that a lot of my friends live every day but I still go to parties sometimes on the weekend so I am not a total hermit 🙂

I just could never justify spending all those thousands of dollars to be able to party. I am sure my parents appreciate it too 🙂

Stay tuned for tomorrow and I will get back to more on why I love America!

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