Moving On From Food

Now that I have probably spent too much time talking about my favorite American food, I think I can start talking about some other things that are different than in China 🙂

Different Work

A big difference that I have noticed here in America is that it is almost looked down upon if you don’t go to school and get a college degree to get a good job. This is one thing that I think could be improved in this country.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is good that Americans are motivated to do well and to get an education, but I feel really bad for those who maybe can’t afford to go to school and don’t have many other options than to do construction or plumbing or anything like that.

Take this little video I found online for example.

I don’t think roofing is anyone’s really dream when they get older but when you look on the internet for people looking for roofing jobs, there are tons of them. In China if you got a job doing the same kind of roofing like this one and in America, you would be considered a very hard working and responsible man.

There seems to be too many people looking for jobs who are overqualified here in America and for some reason they are looked down upon. I guess the same thing happens in China but people are looked at with more respect there.

I hope I made sense with this one and didn’t sound like I was talking down to Americans at all because I definitely am not. My life wouldn’t be the same if I never moved here 🙂

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