Luckily for me, I really don’t have anything negative to say about my experiences in school and it has been great! Just like nature that I talked about yesterday, I really don’t remember enjoying school at all when I lived in China.

I have definitely heard a lot of stories about kids being bullied in school but I never even worried about being bullied in the schools that I went to and everyone was really nice to me and actually really interested about where I came from and my culture.


I am currently in my senior year of college pursuing my degree in software engineering and I have to say, this has been the greatest years of my life so far. People were nice in middle and high school, but people in college have been AWESOME!

Everyone has been so happy to be here and just all around good people. We all know why we are here and we are all in this together 🙂

Even If You Can’t Afford It

The cost of college is the only downfall of it obviously and for a lot of people, it is a major downfall. What is so great about America though is that they have so many options for people if you can’t afford it or just really don’t think college is for you.

Remember these guys I talked about before?

Well I feel really bad for saying that no one really dreams of doing a job like this and that was kind of mean for me to say. Maybe there are people who love doing this kind of work and more power to them! There are tons of trade schools and other ways to get a good job in America and there is something for everyone 🙂

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