So Free!

In addition to the many choices that America gives us every day, I love how open and free spirit everyone in here!

Not Like Home

I have noticed that most of my friends here in America and most of the people that I have seen really enjoy living in the moment and embracing every day. In China, the majority of people save up as much money as they possibly can and they don’t spend money on fun things nearly as much as Americans do.

I don’t mean to sound like everyone should just go out spending as much money as they can and not have a care in the world. I have definitely seen how this can be a bad thing. A lot of my friends are careless with their money and I have seen them spend over $100 in one night at the bar! I am never this careless and even though I have embraced a lot of the American culture in regards to having fun, I still have a part in me that likes to be a little responsible 🙂

There is no way I would have ever even had half of the fun I have had here in America if I still lived in China. I think it works for a lot of people in China and they like doing it, but having fun and letting loose with my friends has given me some of the best memories I will ever have!

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