So Much Opportunity

Kind of continuing my post about school from yesterday I think American is so awesome and stands out from other countries because of how many opportunities you are given here, if you are willing to work hard at least.

Even if you don’t think you want to go to college or if you can’t afford it, there is definitely something that you can find here to make a living! I am lucky and have great parents that have always taken my school work very seriously and have always made sure I tried my hardest. I didn’t get any full scholarships or anything like that, but I was definitely prepared for college when I started 🙂

Never Too Late!

What I love about America and college, is that even in some of the classes I am taking now I have people in their 30’s or 40’s right in class with me. I love seeing that and it really shows you that it is never too late to make something of your life or even if you want to change your degree or job you can always go back to school and make a completely different choice for your career.

In China this really doesn’t ever happen. Once you start doing your job whenever that may be, people very rarely ever change. I love the program that I am in but it feels good to know that people are so accepting of others who start school later in life or end up changing down the road 🙂

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