About Chen

My name is Chen and I have been living in American since I was 7 years old coming straight from China. I had to learn the language and didn’t know a word of English when I moved here. Everything that I have seen and done here in America has been great and I couldn’t be happier about my father’s decision to move here.

That’s me!

It hasn’t always been easy living here, especially at the beginning but once I got more accustomed to everything and the American culture, the more comfortable I got and the more I loved everything.

I want to talk about what has been the hardest parts about moving here and what were some of my favorite parts. For the most part, everything and everyone has been great so this will mostly be a positive page but I will try and think of some bumps in the road I have had 🙂

If you have any questions about anything or maybe want to talk more about the Chinese culture and what it’s like to live there you can reach me here. I hope you like what you see and hope you like the AmericanAsian and his adventures!